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Time really flies. Extend your Limited Warranty1 and Service today!

If your Dell system's warranty and service contract is about to expire, act now to extend the years of outstanding service and support that you have come to expect from Dell. Don't lose any more time - lock in repair costs and continue to enjoy the Dell convenience before your warranty runs out!

Remember, after the warranty runs out, you will incur additional cost in getting your system re-certificated!

Ask for an extension to your original warranty and service contract term today!

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What is covered by this limited warranty1 for Dell-Branded Hardware?
This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in your - our end-user customer's - Dell-branded hardware products, including Dell-branded peripheral products.

What is Next Business Day 3 ?
Dell's Limited Next Business Day3 covers your system's parts for breakage and includes online and telephone support - available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And On-site service provided by independent third-party service provider and may not be available in certain remote locations. Technician shall be dispatched if necessary following telephone technical support.

What is CompleteCover2?
CompleteCover TM provides repair or replacement of your LatitudeTM or InspironTM notebook, your DimensionTM, Dell PrecisionTM or OptiplexTM desktop for damage caused by accidents. A supplement to our 1 or 3 years limited warranty, it covers non-intentional, accidental damage for 1 or 3 years, depending on your purchase.

What is Gold Technical Support?
Gold Technical Support is Dell's fastest, simplest to use, and most comprehensive advanced technical phone support. It helps to cover your installed base and your desktop, notebook and workstation. The bottom line-Gold is our best client system support and a smart decision for you.

What is Premier Enterprise Support Service - Gold Level Support (PESS Gold)?
PESS Gold offers a rich suite of high-end services for systems requiring high availability.
  1. Problem prevention and rapid resolution
  2. Engineer-to-engineer support with Dell's Enterprise Expert Centre
  3. Single point of accountability with Technical Account Manager Services
  4. Strives for highest customer satisfaction levels through superior service and customised services

Have our Dell Service Plan Advisors who are trained on extended service plan product offerings to provide you with more information.
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Terms and Conditions:

1 Limited Warranty for Dell-Branded Hardware Products - Dell-branded hardware products purchased come with 90-day, one-year, two-year or three-year limited warranty. To determine which warranty applies to your hardware product, see your invoice or packing slip. The maximum coverage for limited warranty is 5 years.

2 Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the CompleteCover Service Agreement for full terms and conditions. CompleteCover Service is only available in selected countries for Latitude and Inspiron notebooks, Dimension, Dell Precision and OptiPlex desktops. This service excludes theft, loss and damage due to fire or intentional damage. 3-year parts and next business day or collect and return extended on-site warranty must be purchased for Latitude, Inspiron notebooks or Dimension, Dell Precision, OptiPlex desktops to be eligible. Dell will, if necessary after phone-based troubleshooting, dispatch a technician to the customer for either parts replacement or whole unit replacement determined at Dell's sole discretion.

3 Next Business Day service not available in some locations. Contact Dell for details. Technicians shall be dispatched if necessary following telephone technical support. Excludes third party products and software.

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